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METRO cycle

Piotr Czajkowski is a graduate of Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, where since 1999 he has been working as a lecturer. In 2020 he obtained postdoctoral degree. The topic of his habilitation dissertation was a cycle of drawings and paintings called METRO. Artist began this cycle in 2012.
The headword of the cycle is a significant key for understanding the metaphor used by the artist, which is called the “reading of the city.” Paris is also, or maybe the most importantly, complex system pulsing with the labyrinth of streets, plazas and parks, filled with inhabitants and tourists speaking languages from all over the world. Approaching such multidimensional , complex referent required developing specific means of expression .It demanded using a medium which would allow artist to express in a limited space of flat painting this metaphor.
Drawings and paintings belonging to the “Metro” cycle have very individual, unique character. The recipient will find in them not only deep reflection close to meditation, but also lightness typical for scribbled notes from journey. Artist explains metaphorical character of the cycle in the following way: “Metro is a journey. Our whole life is a journey. Constantly we are heading in different directions. We strive for happiness, love, fulfillment. Our meetings with people, important situations, life changes are another points on our travel route. They are like metro stations. Here we get on, here we get off, we commute and we travel further…My works symbolize journey into the depths of myself, into the past and future, not forgetting about the present. During this travel nothing can be taken for certain, many thing stay hidden.
The works of Czajkowski are in private collections in Poland, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, Russia, Japan and USA.
The premiere edition of “Metro” cycle took place in Alliance Francaise in Łódź, 2013. The artist has been presenting his works sequentially on many prestigious exhibitions in Poland and abroad, among the others, in Salon Des Beaux Arts in Carrousel du Louvre in Paris and Art Capital exhibition, Grand Palais, Salon des Artistes Independants Comparainsons in Paris. He took part in important for the world of art events, such as Spectrum Miami / Art Basel, Dekumo Stuttgart or Warsaw Art Fair.
„The artwork of Piotr Czajkowski defends the spirit of the avant-garde today, in the second decade of the XXI century. Similarly to his predecessors, the artwork of this artist encourages thinking and is deeply rooted in the history of European modernism. The author has determination similar to long distance runner exploring deep and complex world of thoughts. ”. / Professor Richard Demarco*, CBE, October 2017 /

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