Auction record /2021/

Auction of Piotr Czajkowski painting “Zurich” belonging to the “Roads” cycle ended with great success. The artwork with the following dimensions 120×70 was sold for 68 440 zł (with auction fee)! It is the second painting from a new cycle. The first one was sold during the first day of “18th Warsaw Art Fair,” which took place on 27-28 of November 2021 and it arouse great interest among the visitors.

Good Morning TVN /2021/

Piotr Czajkowski is a remarkable artist whose paintings admire collectors all over the world. It can be found in private collections in Japan, Russia but also in the USA. Our reporter Łukasz Radwan met with the artist.

357 Radio /2021/

During Christmas actions, among the others 3 auctions, 357 Radio raised 1,3 mln zł for Santa Claus Foundation (charity foundation). The artwork of Piotr Czajkowski , “Roosevelt” drawing, size 53×63 cm, from 2020 was sold for 33 357 zł. /The auction was run by Kuba Strzykowski/

„Journeys and codes.” Elle Decoration. /2020/

This time a reporter Ewa Mierzejewska and a photographer Michał Przeździk-Buczkowski visited my studio. I am glad that thanks to their visit you can get to know the place I work in and learn more about the “Metro” cycle. If you want to find out what the theme of my work is, if I put myself in a special mood when I create them, what the meaning of hidden signs and symbols is and if I know what I will create when I stand in front of empty canvas you absolutely have to read this article. /Publication in ”Journeys and codes” was released in an issue 6/2020 November/December/

Konik Kreatywny Podcast /2020/

About your artwork spoke: actress Irène Jacob known from, among the others, such movies as “The Double Life of Veronique” or “Three colours: red” by Krzysztof Kieślowski, professor Richard Demarco, Andrzej Seweryn, Andrzej Pągowski and many other prominent personalities. Piotr, what do you spell in your works? /With Piotr Czajkowski talks Katarzyna Moczulska/

Book of Luxury. NEW LUXURY /2020/

An artist Piotr Czajkowski talks about the role of Paris metro in his artwork and how it is when the artist has to part with his/her artwork. /With Piotr Czajkowski talks Ewa Mierzejewska/

Artophilia. An interview. /2020/

Before I became a painter, I was a draughtsman. In my case, it was the right order since drawing is for me like a construction on which painting is based. Generally, drawing has much wider application. It is essential tool for designing industrial forms, architecture, scenography or even screenplays…/With Piotr Czajkowski talks Ewa Mierzejewska/

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